Our Nurses


Isaac Group has been very open and supportive of all my concerns, which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

— Lucy, RN

The team and atmosphere within the office depicts more than work. Isaac Group emphasizes humanity, compassion, and total understanding.

— Mary, RN

Isaac Group is like a family, very caring. I like their personal approach with me. I owe my success to them.

— Cyril, RN

I'm thankful to IG for giving me the opportunity to practice my profession again.

— Flor, RN

Thanks for helping me.

— Morgan, LPN

Isaac Group cares for their Staff. I appreciate their warm welcome and friendly approach.

— Lani, OT

Isaac Group is a very good company. I would recommend them to my colleagues. Thank you for all the help and support you have given me. I appreciate the personal approach towards their all employees.

— Roneth, PT

I have been working with Isaac Group for almost a year. From the first day I met the office staff, I have only praise for them. They get out of their way to make sure that you work as soon as possible. They give you good advice on how to behave at the workplace. They listen to you and encourage you. Gradually, but surely, you’ll find yourself calling them your friends, because you’ll learn to trust them. Isaac Group knows how to work with people, because they truly love people.

— Fabiola, C.N.A.

I’d like to thank Isaac Group for treating me professionally as a member of their staff. Isaac Group helped me to secure a good job as a Nurse’s Aide with schedules that match my lifestyle. They also helped me secure required documents that I didn’t have, such as CPR Card and Malpractice Insurance. They also do not abandon their workers during problematic times, like when I was sick. Most of all, Isaac group pays on time and works with you when you decide to advance your career.

— Omolola, C.N.A.